Wednesday, March 30, 2011

all about Yves

"For Yves Saint Laurent, each woman’s beauty is unique. And there are many ways to interpret it in order to express the eternal woman reinvented.

By turns mysterious, flamboyant, romantic, an ingénue and a seductress, the Yves Saint Laurent woman has a thousand faces and a thousand smiles. She is a modern-day heroine, liberated, daring and surprising. With her innate elegance, she adapts to every moment in her life, and this is what makes the Yves Saint Laurent woman so desirable."

DLM's expert professional Make-up Artist Yolanda Lukowski shares her trade secrets of four beautiful YSL Beauty products for a flawless finish to get you through your day.

Top Secret really is a Top Secret amongst professional makeup artists, lightweight and silky, this product is a modern effective primer for the skin,
instantly making it look smooth and shine free. It comes in a wonderfully large brush applicator, so no need to use the fingers. Just squeeze and apply directly to the skin.

I've been using the YSL Perfect Touch foundation for years, and it is the one foundation that people always compliment me on saying " your skin looks so fresh"
Applied on top of the Top Secret, it is a winning combination, leaving you with glowy, not shiny skin, that lasts all day.

Every makeup artist has a Touche Eclat in their makeup kit, as should everyone. But do you really know where to apply it? Here's a few tricks:

As a 4pm late afternoon pick me up
At the outer corners of the eyes as a highlighter
The nasal labial folds to reduce shadows
The crease under the bottom lip on your chin to lighten and brighten.

And finally, finish off your perfect skin look with the Radiant Pressed Powder.
Not everywhere but on the eyelids to prepare for eye makeup,
and on the t-zone, lightly, to combat shine. The forehead, down the centre of the nose and a dab on the chin.

Leave the cheeks free to keep them dewy and fresh.

And now your skin is ready and prepared to apply your makeup for the day.

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  1. Great review :)! I'll take some of those good advices!