Friday, May 28, 2010

Le Pop-Up

CHANEL Les Pop-Up de Chanel collection for summer,brightens the season with a vibrant stand out colour palette.
Global creative director of CHANEL make-up evokes the free spirit of Madame Coco herself

Led by joyful pinks and corals,

the Makeup Collection dresses up for summer

with shimmering golden reflections and

a surprising touch of turquoise.

This sparkling palette uses all its colours to

summon up an ideal summers day: an azure

blue sky, a smouldering sun and a beach

of fine, white sand. The mood-lifting and

energising atmosphere of the summer months is

infectious, both during the day and under neon

lights in an evening gown.

The cult following for this collection has begun.

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  1. I'm an italian girl who frequently visits the KNIGHT CAT's blog. you posted a comment's on the ruby's post. you wrote that the shoes which the model's wearing are from topshop. i can't find those shoes, can you show me where i can buy them? I'd seen on the topshop blog but i couldn't find nothing. I'll wait for an answer soon. thank's!