Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Invitation Essential

What is the most important thing about a show at fashion week?
A really good invitation
So we will have to see what else is in the post box for us this SS FW 2010.
And show you all the best.

True Alliance have sent us a keeper this year with Paper Doll's to dress up in their labels collections....oh the fun.

Based on the 1957 film The Three Faces of Eve, based on a true Story of Eve White, a woman who suffered from multiple personality disorder.

Always the Romantic
They are set to blow us away again this year.

The one to look forward to ...alway's.

Mirrors and glass always win us over with this invite that will most definitely be staying on a coffee table or desk somewhere.

Shiny and holographic

The most anticipated show of the year, the expectations are set to high.
This one has to be the best...set on glass like perspex.


Perspex is casu

Perspex is causing a little Rukus with invite's this year.
Could be a winner?

Back to the days of Yves Saint Laurent shocking with his colour palette in the 70's
It never fails to make me L.O.V.E you.

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